Welcome to our school!

The late Michael Odula and his wife Jane created the Milman Iattract Academy in 2005, to which they gave nearly all their time and resources. Their mission is to provide the poorest children of Kenya all they need to get a good education, including clean water, food, clothes, protection, and shelter. In the year 2018, Michael suffered stroke and because of his unstable health he handed over the management of the school to his son Victor. Michael later died in February, 2019.

With the help of the workaway volunteers who come to help in the school, Victor has transformed the school and gave it a new face. The organization has been registered as a nonprofit and he is struggling to register the school with the Ministry of Education. The school registration is facing challenges for example; the Ministry wants all permanent structures (at the moment we have corrugated iron sheet walls – makeshift). The makeshift structures are not safe for the children and not conducive for learning according to the Ministry of education. We thank our previous volunteers who fund raised and constructed three cemented walls for us. We now have five more to go. We are appealing for the support of well wishers to help in this noble cause.

In the process of filing the registration papers for school registration, we realized that the name Milimani Rusinga Academy had been picked and the name was then changed to Milman Iattract Academy.

We have been relying on workaway volunteer fee to run the project and buy food for the kids. This has been a challenge when we don’t have volunteers at the school. We strongly believe that with stable sponsorship program, we will be able to achieve our objectives and use the volunteer fee to start up income generating activities and do other needed renovations.

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